“The Magic Room”

¡And we already have Christmas here! New life, new country, new house, new local and most importantly, new illusions. With these new illusions comes the first stage of Christmas in Andorra.

The word that best describes these last weeks is INTENSITY. Intensity to reach all the objectives I had set, be faithful to the date scheduled for the opening of the new premises and be able to show you with the greatest of illusions the scenery of this year that I have prepared so much love and affection. This campaign will certainly be very special, it is the first Christmas in Andorra, I open just for this magical campaign and open the doors of Lulamoon in this new country. Many mixed feelings, illusion for this new stage but at the same time uncertainty of what will come. What I am absolutely sure of is that I will enjoy with each and every family that wants to celebrate Christmas with Lulamoon.

Let’s see what Christmas will be like!

The stage

You know those who have been with me for years that my idea of the Christmas report is to do something completely different from the previous year, the theme is always different and I never repeat decorated.

As you can see this year’s scenario is simply magical. It is set in a room of any house where children are the protagonists. Well-being, home, warmth are attributes that I wanted to convey in this familiar setting.


Given the huge success of last year’s set that I created for babies from 1 to 18 months, this year also had to be.


The baby sessions will be held on the last Saturday of November 26th.

The wardrobe

Here I detail the ranges of colors that can help you when preparing the costumes.

  • Brown
  • Gold
  • White /ochre
  • Maroon
  • Green

This is a bit orientative, the idea is that the children’s wardrobe fits into this year’s warm scenario.

The booking schedule

As every year, you have at your disposal a booking calendar. Apart from the dates offered there may be gaps during the week, this will depend on the other sessions you already have reserved. In this case you can contact me directly by email or whatsapp and I will inform you of the available dates.

This year when you make the reservation the system will ask for a payment and deposit that you must pay at the same time. The rest of the report will be paid on the day of the session.


Saturday 26 November is the last day of the campaign and is reserved for families who have babies. We all know that children change a lot the first year and that is why I want to make these sessions as close as possible to the Christmas date. Please leave that day free, do not take it if you have older children thank you very much!!


What does the session include?

There are two options available this year:


  • 30 minutes of session
  • 8 photographs delivered in digital via a link that you can download
  • Private web gallery
  • PRICE: 100 € (Pay and deposit 40€ when booking)


  • 30 minutes of session aproximately
  • 16 photographs delivered in digital via a link that you can download
  • Private web gallery
  • Printed album 20×20 with 10 pages inside a beautiful natural jute envelope
  • PRICE: 220 € (Pay and deposit 60€ when booking)

As every year, on the day of the session I will show you different printing formats to give to your families.

I know that each customer has different needs, so I think it is better to expand the report, if you wish, with the product or products that best suits your needs. This year you can opt for wooden pictures, postcards, albums, enlargements or any of the highest quality products that I have carefully selected.  You can see and touch all the products in the studio and choose what Christmas you want to give your families. In addition, you can choose to expand your report with extra photographs in digital format, and even the entire gallery if you wish.

To thank immensely the trust of the families who will travel to accompany me one more year in the Christmas campaign.  And this year in particular I want to welcome all Andorran families who want to come to know my project and my passion for photographing instants. A million THANKS!!

See you in a minute!