They say that when you become a mother your life changes, and they’re not wrong! It has happened to me too, and who hasn’t? Thanks to this extraordinary experience and this indescribable impulse of love, Lulamoon was born.

Lulamoon is tenderness, it is love, it is proximity, it is the way I understand life and the pillars of the person I am.

First of all, introductions. My name is Nuria and I have two great passions: the first is obvious, my sons, Noah and Luc, and the second, the wonderful job I have, photography.

When I hugged my oldest son for the first time I felt something very strange, a feeling that I really wish I could explain in words. But I can’t, what I do know is that since then I changed, I stopped being me and became a better version of myself; someone I never thought I could be.


Five years have passed since I started in this wonderful world of family photography. I look back and I can still see my husband putting nails and wood in my first studio, a little wooden house of barely forty square meters that we built right in front of our orchard when we lived in La Roca del Vallés (Barcelona).

There I spent such beautiful moments, I met many families who still accompany me today and who gave me the impetus to open my first store, also located in La Roca del Vallés.

But after a few months my life and that of my family took an unexpected turn and we decided to move to live in Andorra, surrounded by nature and priceless beauty.


I would love to be part of your lives, even through a little piece of my photographs. If you dare to make a reportage with me I assure you that, together, we will build a beautiful memory forever.

I hope you like my website, that you find what you are looking for and if not I invite you to call me. The email and WhatsApp make our life much easier, but if you call me we will know each other a little more, and surely, talking, we will solve all the doubts you have.

Lulamoon is an idea, a project, an illusion that little by little has become a reality and I hope that many of you will join me in this beautiful journey.